Corporate Social Responsibility

Phuong Chau Medical Corporation takes its social responsibility seriously, considering it a big mission in the provision of healthcare to the community; hence, every contribution it makes through voluntary activities are always for the benefit of our patients.

In the past, staff have come and provided free-of-charge medical checkups to those living in remote areas such as Dong Thap and Soc Trang, as such people find it difficult to access healthcare and treatments.

For long-term goals, Phuong Chau is also interested in contributing to development of medicine in the Mekong Delta. From this perspective, one of the essential actions taken to fulfill its social responsibility is to improve the care quality of the whole region. With its strengths in obstetrics and assisted reproductive treatment, Phuong Chau has provided people with modern and convenient medical services, allowing them to overcome geographic barriers in accessing this advanced care and treatment.

To be more specific, Phuong Chau Medical Corporation has gradually made attempts to:

+ Become a medical system not only for patients to receive treatment, but also for those without any diseases to promote their health through health-screening programs and through widely shared medical knowledge of preventative healthcare;

+ Create a civilized workplace where employees show respect to each other, mature and feel safe and secure at work. Cultivation of highly qualified human resources is believed to help Phuong Chau bring about economic value.

+ Organize scientific conferences that provide an invaluable opportunity for learning, acquiring the latest medical knowledge and promoting scientific studies. Such conferences are regularly held and reinforced with the hope of greatly contributing to economic and social development in the Mekong Delta.