Mission – Vision – Core Values – Slogan Mẹ tròn con vuông


To provide comprehensive reproductive care following international standards at reasonable costs for community.


To become a center of excellence for the provision of the most comprehensive and advanced reproductive care in the Mekong Delta


* Safety

To accomplish all tasks with the ultimate goal of ensuring the safety of all patients.

* Humanity

To implement every single activity in a way that is patient-centered. To develop wholehearted human resources of great stature

* Pioneer

To be a pioneer in applying the best and latest treatments and care

* Professionalism

To provide healthcare of world-class quality through professional teams

* Delicacy

To bring about perfect patient experience by having a deep understanding of customers’ dynamic healthcare needs, and by showing the empathy practiced under the spirit of “Omotenashi”, Japan’s exceptional service culture.

* Collaboration and cooperation

To increase collaboration and cooperation with domestic and foreign partners in the pursuit of mutual development and continuous quality improvement

A. “MẸ TRÒN CON VUÔNG”, THE SLOGAN OF PHUONG CHAU INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL, referring to a healthy and safe delivery

Phuong Chau was established to pursue interest in the two key specialties of obstetrics and pediatrics; it is therefore the major responsibility of health professionals’ to ensure the safety of both the mother and her baby and not just one of them. To accomplish that goal, the hospial has to invest in facilities, modern equipment and apply advanced medical techniques which require comprehensively skilled personnel. For that reason, the hospital has developed a well balanced investment strategy for human resources and facilities which are essential to support the two mentioned key specialties.

In partnership with obstetrics & pediatrics, much attention is also given to other disciplines including infertility, gynecology, andrology, general medicine and plastic surgery. All of which function as part of, not apart from, the close interaction of one another to complete the chain of total reproductive care for citizens in the Mekong Delta.

To offer women and their family sacred happiness, which is defined as the ultimate meaning and ambition of what we have strived for over 8 years, staff have always been extremely industrious in each labor and delivery process, just to achieve “mẹ tròn con vuông” – a Vietnamese idiom which can be literally translated as “Mom is a circle, and the baby is a square.” Figuratively, this idiom may be understood to mean a healthy and safe delivery for both the woman and her baby, standing for our slogan, objective, philosophy and value of every single attempt.

Square – Circle” is considered as a benchmark for the endless efforts of obstetricians. Obviously, childbirth is not always a joyful experience, but rather often accompanied by various compromises of different levels, so the top priority is given to the assurance of safety for prospective mothers and babies. Next comes a desire to reach the higher values of truth – the good – the beautiful, which is eventually followed by a pursuit of perfection and fullness based on the idea of “Square and Circle”. To make these things happen, it is essential for Phuong Chau and its customers to have mutual trust, be companions and entrust life to each other.

Phuong Chau” was chosen as the name our hospital since the name itself also carries the meaning of “Square and Circle” integrated into the slogan of “mẹ tròn con vuông”. The meaning is always sustained, reinforced and accomplished by the all-out efforts of more than 600 hundred people working here. Actually, the slogan originates from the devotion of our founder , but it is also practiced by the board of directors who always inspire love for children, respect and affection for women and all employees working under the warmth of our shared house called Phuong Chau.